4 reasons why value-driven brands like us put the planet first

Today, we launch a new product line in our webshop: www.ubuntopia.shop. Naturally, we want to take the well-being of the earth into account as we do so. This is the time to look at how we – value-driven brands and people alike – are affecting the planet.

At Ubuntopia, we are a value-driven brand that strives for perfect harmony between financial, ecological, socio-economical and inspirational (fun and motivational) goals.

Ecological value at Ubuntopia

For all our products, and in particular our webshop, we are working towards having a small ecological footprint. By this we mean that as much as possible, we opt for sustainable materials, fair work processes and small quantities. We have also set up commercial partnerships with aid organizations which are active in Africa. Products from these organizations support their impactful missions.

As the provisions of this value become clearer by the day, we too are continuously monitoring and improving in order to honour our committed to this ideal. As the Swahili saying goes, ‘little by little, we will fill the granary’, which is loosely translated to mean that small efforts contribute to the higher goal.

So, here are 4 reasons why we have chosen to be part of this global movement.

  1. Ubuntu – The philosophy that inspires us

As a brand, the African Ubuntu Philosophy: ‘I exist because of We’ has greatly inspired us. It refers to the realisation that we are all connected and, as such, we need each other to survive. World leaders such as Nelson Mandela, Desmond Tutu and Barack Obama have advocated for Ubuntu because it values connection and humanity. Taking good care of the earth is part of the Ubuntu philosophy, because if the earth isn’t doing well, the animals and people aren’t doing well either.

2. Sustainability should be a part of all value-driven brands!

According to Forbes in their 2018 article ‘Why Sustainable Branding Matters’: a sustainable brand is one that has successfully integrated environmental, economic and social issues into its business operations.

Value-driven brands feel a sense of responsibility for their societies and the planet. They want to leave a mark in the world. Simply because it is the right thing to do. While it is perhaps not the most profitable option, we believe there are multiple ways to look at profit, value and growth.

3. Consumers want ecologically produced products

Value-driven consumers, especially the younger generation, are inspired to choose a fair, just and sustainable world. It is refreshing to see this wakeup call amongst the younger generation. Interestingly, according to a study by the Institute for Business value (IBM) titled ‘Meet the 2020 Consumers Driving Change’, although the millennials are leading the cause, sustainability is important across age groups. 

The Nielsen’s 2015 Global Corporate Sustainability Report elaborates that 66% of consumers would spend more on a product from a sustainable brand. Moreover, around 73% of millennials confirmed this.

4. High employee satisfaction

Employees are an organisations’ first consumers. As more and more people care about sustainability, it then follows that employees too are looking for this value in the organisations they work with.

According to a study by Deloitte as cited in the Inc. article ‘How a Sense of Purpose Boosts Engagement,’ 73% of employees are more engaged with their jobs when they work for purpose and value driven organizations. An organization that puts the planet first can certainly inspire!

At Ubuntopia, we hope that we have inspired you to, like us, join the mission to put the well-being of people, animals and the planet first. You can check out our new product line via our shop at: www.ubuntopia.shop.