Identity | Diversity | Inclusion | Roots

Cultural Family Edutainment

Identity | Diversity | Inclusion | Roots | L egends

Ubuntopia is full of exciting legends from countries far away.
Step into this world and experience these stories through books, animations, theatre shows and souvenirs.
In this way, we protect and conserve cultural heritage from getting lost.

Ubuntopia is for all people, big and small, who love beautiful stories, and especially for people who have a connection with various cultures. Because they go there on vacation, for example, because they are curious about worlds they don’t know yet. Or they want to learn more about their or their (grand) parents’ culture. So to which group do you belong?

Ubuntopia® is a Family Cultural Edutainment brand.

For everyone who loves magical stories
and is curious about worlds they don’t know yet…

Identity | Diversity | Inclusion | Roots | Legends

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