About us

There are stories longing to be told…

About Ubuntopia

Ubuntopia is a merger of two meaningful words: Ubuntu and Utopia. Since 2019 Ubuntopia has been our answer to today’s complex world full of big questions.

Ubuntu is an African philosophy with humanity and connection at the centre. Said easily: You go nowhere on your own. You need others to flourish. This philosophy is at the backbone of all our work
and team.

Utopia is a dream world. Almost impossible to reach, but part of every human’s dream. The team of Ubuntopia wants to reach out and create a bit of this better world. We try to create a better world by conserving and recreating real old stories, wisdom and legends to prevent them from disappearing.

Are you in?
Participating with Ubuntopia means embarking on a discovery of magical Africa. We take you to a world where telling stories is a true art form through books, theatre shows, workshops, games, souvenirs, and much more.

Let us introduce ourselves…

Ubuntopia team

We are the people behind Ubuntopia! We are a diverse team in background, age, profession and wind direction, making us who we are. Together we believe in the story of Ubuntopia and the Ubuntu philosophy. Because everyone contributes to the brand and the products in their way, close collaborations and the best stories and results will appear.

Author – Leontine van Hooft
Leontine van Hooft is an award-winning author, speaker, and entrepreneur, but above all, a storyteller. As a corporate anthropologist, she has worked and travelled through Africa and marvelled at the old stories full of current wisdom, rituals and customs. In addition, she has written management and children’s books about the African Ubuntu philosophy. After books for adults, now is the time for children: the future leaders.

Illustrator – Jean-Claude Ngumire
Jean-Claude Ngumire makes all the beautiful Ubuntopia illustrations. Born in Kigali, the capital of Rwanda, he enjoyed the stories his grandmother told him when he was little. In his home country, Jean-Claude successfully graduated as a Graphic Designer. Since then, he has made the most beautiful illustrations for publishers, companies, theatre shows and film productions. And also for Ubuntopia. Due to his Rwandan background and profession, Jean-Claude knows how to create the perfect combination between the modern era and his African roots.

Family business

We are also a proud family business. The second generation is involved. We are a close team and find it important to have a feeling-at-home feeling. After all, you need others to flourish.