‘Funga Alafia! Dear friends,
Something special is going on now, a real book has been written about me, my friends and the most beautiful and exciting legends of my Africa! And that was about time!’ – Balla, the Griot.

An artistic children’s book with old African legends
The book Balla and the Forest of Legends is published, part 1 in The Chronicles of Ubuntopia collection! A beautifully illustrated, artistic children’s book, a mix of comics, overarching stories and background information. Especially, but of course, not only written for children with an interest in different cultures. In the book, Balla, the Griot, tells two stories from Africa that are hundreds and hundreds of years old in a modern and at the same time magical way. Stories about love, friendship, cleverness and leadership.

For children with a special connection with Africa
Balla and the Forest of Legends is written for all children who love beautiful stories and especially for children who have a special connection with Africa. What makes it unique are the beautiful drawings, and the combination of comics, window stories and background information. The window stories are explained, and in WikiTopia you will find background information that will make the stories even more alive.

That is why this book is so attractive for anyone who wants to read more about Africa. Because they go on vacation there for example. Because they are curious about the world and cultures that they do not yet know. Or because they want to know more about the culture they or their (grand) parents come from. Stories in which the children recognize themselves, their brothers and sisters. Books like this are rare. And if books about Africa appear, it is usually about poverty and diseases, and almost never about wealth, civilization, power. And certainly not about what the Western countries can learn from Africa.

Buy One, Share One Campagne
This beautiful book costs € 22,95. For that price, the buyer not only receives a copy himself, but GreenDreamWorks also sends a free English-language book to a less fortunate child from the countries where the stories come from, in this case, South Africa and Kenya.

The book Balla and the Forest of Legends can now be purchased in your area or ordered online in our Plaza!