‘Balla and the Secret of the Source’ is our second illustrated children’s book from the series The Chronicles of Ubuntopia, which consists of 12 books. We create our books for all children who love beautiful stories. Are you curious and want to know more about African culture? Then this is the perfect book for you!

We follow the African Ubuntu philosophy: I exist because of We. It prescribes that we each play an important role in the achievement of a common goal. Like Ubuntu, we use storytelling to edutain and connect people of all ages and races. That is why we put our love and devotion into creating our books.

In each book, there is an overarching storyline about  Balla and Aimee’s mission, a short story, and two hand-painted comics depicting the African legends. You will also find a WikiTopia section with background information about the stories. Our lovely books are available in both English and Dutch languages. The book will be released in the spring of 2020.

The Unicorn of the Blue Nile
The unicorn Harish, is living in the Ethiopian magical forest of King Kaleb. His main task is to keep the water of the Blue Nile healthy for both mankind and the animals. He develops a strong bond with a young girl called Bujet. Together they go on an adventure and one day Bujet comes to his rescue.

The Stool of the Ashanti
In an earlier time, the land we now call Ghana was extremely rich. Some say that even the dogs and horses wore gold. It is in this area that a young man called Osei Tutu became the leading king of kings of the Ashanti people in a very remarkable way. His ascent to power was supported by a gift from heaven that is still of high value to Ghana of today.

Harish is a new character in the magical Ubuntopia family. He is an Ethiopian Unicorn who has the extraordinary power of revealing hidden water sources and purifying water. Although he may appear to be shy at first, as you get to know him, you will discover that he is very adventurous. Harish is a representation of the fighting spirit and bravery. He also secretly loves reggae music.