Part 2// Balla and The secret of the Source

The Sages of the World have asked me, Balla the Griot, for help! The fog has engulfed an African village, and their water source has turned into ice! Luckily, Aimée is going to help me. Without her, I wouldn’t have started this assignment. Will we defeat the fog, get the water source to flow again and help the village to flourish like it once did?’

“Balla and the Secret of the Source” is our second graphic novella in the series The Chronicles of Ubuntopia. This book will be available in Dutch and English and will be published on November 23, 2020.

It is suitable for anyone who loves beautiful stories and those who are curious about unknown worlds. Likewise, if you have a special connection to Africa, or you were born there, or your family comes from there, you’ll enjoy this book. Aside from featuring Balla’s exciting tale, it also shares universal wisdom via African legends and stories like: The Unicorn of the Blue Nile (Ethiopia), The Throne of the Ashanti (Ghana) and Anansi the Spider.

About the Chronicles of Ubuntopia

‘★★★★★ for Balla and The Forest of Legends! It is a beautiful book about making the world better together.
Aimée helps Balla to defeat the fog, and together they support each other. Young and old.’ – Birdykids

‘The typical African experience, savannas with elephants, lions and drums, is very clearly recognizable, and that
makes it a bit Disney-like at first sight. But, to be fair, the stories are much more profound and mystical.’ – Afrika Nieuws

English | Hardcover | 9789082098761 | Print 1 | November 2020 | 68 pages

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