Mini show on your event?

Performance of Balla on your event?

Do you organise an event or festival? Or do you have a school project?
Then a live performance of Balla the Griot can be part of your event!
A Balla show is entertaining and  memorabele.
Ubuntopia offers different booking options for small or big audiences, for young or adult people.

Balla as guest on your event

Balla is pleased to be invited to tell his mythical African stories on your event. These stories have multiple layers (like fairy tales) and can be a reason to tell a bigger picture.
Balla has his own amplifier and smoke machine to create the desired atmosphere.
If requested the freind of Balla Lamien, the Cora player can join him in the performance.

Do you want Balla to come to your event?
Please contact us for the details and price.

Workshop “Learn to create your comic hero”

Graphical Artist Jean Claude Ngumire learns you to create your comic hero in this workshop.
Of course Jean Claude has his own hero; Balla, But he would like to help you a few steps in creating your own cartoon hero.
If you want meet Jean Claude and learn how to create your Hero?
Then please contact us for the details and price.