About Anansi the Spider

Anansi the Spider, mythical stories about the spider from African Folk tales

There are many stories about Anansi the spider. They al originate from Ghana, a country in western Africa. Long ago many people were forced to leave Ghana and leave the country and family behind to work as enslaved in a different part of the world. They could not bring anything but their stories. In this way they could educate their children and teach them the difference betrweenn right and wrong of good and bad.

Anansi de spin uit Yungo en Anansi boek

Our book does not touches the original character of Anansi, nor the ancient stories. It just shows the reader good and bad from a different perspective. We did keep the humor of Anansi!

About Yungo
Yungo is a strange green bird-like creature. It can change colour, based upon his emotions; green as he is happy, yellow whan he is sad end dark blue as he is angry. Purple when he is afraid.
Yungo gets wild when he sees Kiwi’s. His favourite part of every day is 10 o’clock. Thats when it’s kiwi time!!!

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