5 ways to wear a Kanga

A kanga is a rectangular colorful cloth of thin printed cotton from East Africa. The kanga consists of a border, a central pattern and a saying, usually in Swahili. For example “Mkipendana mambo huwa sawa, Everything will be fine if you love each other.” Kangas can be used in many different ways. As a wrap skirt, dress, headscarf or scarf. As a tablecloth or duvet cover. Or as a decorative rug on a couch or

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What is een Griot & how does a Kora sound like?

Griot (pronounced Gri-o) are poets, singers, musicians and are the storytellers and story keepers of oral traditions, stories and history. These stories are passed on from generation to generation. Balla is also a Griot and tells the stories of his magical Africa to all children, parents and families who want to hear his stories. He does this together with the help of his Kora. But what is a Kora? The Kora is a stringed instrument

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White lions have albinism right?

No, they do not! Species with albinism don’t have pigment, which is why they are white and have red eyes. White lions are a genetic rarity. They have a different gene. The colour of their coat can vary from blonde to almost white. Their eyes range from blue to gold. Special, right?

How important is the White Lion to the earth?

The White Lion is the King of Kings of the wilderness. This puts it at the top of the food chain. If the balance in the food chain is disturbed, everything becomes endangered, and the entire food chain falls apart. White Lions are also wise because they only hunt the sick and weak animals. In doing so, they keep the laws of nature. They are also considered to be the best protectors of the land

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