Content creation

Selecting stories and legends

We create meaningful, educational but above all entertaining content in the form of books, series and games for the young and old worldwide. In preparation, we do a lot of research to select what we believe to be the right and most impressive legends. Legends that are longing to be told. Sometimes this is a difficult job because most of them are oral stories, which have been passed on for generations.

We have a team of specialists around us who help us to document the stories as truthfully as possible. Some stories may be slightly modified. The reason for this is to make it attractive to the target audience. Or sometimes parts of stories are missing.

Disclaimer – The Chronicles of Ubuntopia, Book Collection
The content of oral history is personal, experiential and interpretive because, by its nature, it relies on the memories, perceptions and interpretations of individuals. While all reasonable attempts are made to avoid inaccuracy, stories in this book should not be understood as statements of fact or opinion endorsed by the writer. In fact the writer does not own or claim any of the two oral (hi)stories, but has translated them into two short graphic novels in the book. The overarching storyline and all graphics in this book nevertheless are protected by copyright.