In here you can find more information about the Ubuntopia Expansion Plans.

Balla and the Forest of Legends – Theatre Show, The Netherlands
The first Ubuntopia Theatre Show is on it’s way! We are working on the development and production of the theatre show ‘Balla and the Forest of Legends’. To give you a sneak preview, in this interactive production, Balla the Griot invites the young and old to listen to his legends, but there is a chance that an evil force will try to take the legends into the fog.

The ceremonial costume of Balla is also almost ready. Do you want more information about this production? Do not hesitate to contact us via

Second artistic children’s book – Balla and the Forest of Legends Series
We are currently researching the cultural stories for the second book of Balla and the Forest of Legends series. If you want to share your cultur’s story, or if you have some ideas you would like to share with us, we invite you to contact us at

First Ubuntopia Park and Family Village on African soil
Imagine if the cultural stories could come to life through an exciting theme park experience where Ubuntopia Fans can meet their favorite characters. Several African embassies and entrepreneurs have shown their interest in bringing an Ubuntopia Park & Family village to their country. At this moment we are in a process of selection and feasibility studies. It is not yet clear which country will carry the day..

If you are interested in having the first Ubuntopia Park & Familiy Village, or you just want to receive more information about this venture. Please do not hesitate to contact us via