What is the connection between people and trees?

Balla is thrilled with his new storytelling spot under the Tree of Life. For Balla, the tree is not only a
beautiful place to sit under; it also has a deeper meaning for him. That is not surprising when you know that a bond exists between people and trees. Ever since ancient times, trees have played an important role in people’s lives. In mythology, trees even mediate between people and gods.
For many cultures, trees of life – with their extensive root system, trunk and leafed-branches, represented the underworld, the life here and now and the heavens. Trees meant wisdom, protection, power, beauty and salvation. Therefore, they were honoured. Even today, for example, in some cultures justice is administered out under special trees. Meetings and storytelling sessions, just like Balla, take place under trees. It is like having an outdoor meeting room with a beautiful canopy. Great, right?

Trees are also the most abundant plant species on our planet. They can grow for centuries. Some trees are 150 meters high, and others have trunk sizes of more than 45 meters. Just imagine what they have seen and experienced; what wisdom must they have acquired throughout the ages?
That is why we must maintain the bond between people and trees. How nice would it be to plant a tree of life and to know that the grandchildren of your children can sit underneath your tree to talk about your adventures?