Mini Theater Show

Mini Theater Show // Balla and the Forest of Legends

This mini theater show is based upon Balla, the main character from the book collection ‘The Chronicles of Ubuntopia’. Balla is an African Griot, a story teller. He has been send on a mission to revive the interest for old stories and legends with younger generations, before these stories disappear in the mist.

Long, long, long ago and far away in South Africa there was an empire governed by a woman: Queen Numbi. A falling star heales her disease. At the same moment two magical white lion cubs are born with a message to the world. This is a story about female leadership and protection of the earth.

Details of the show
Age: 6+, kids and familiy
Duration: 15-20 min per show

Booking options
– Mini theater shows
– Interaction with guests
– Meet & Greet + Photo moment with Balla

Price: starting from €525,-

Optinal extension African Kora player
To enhance the African feeling there is an option to add an African Kora player. A kora is a traditional African music instrument.
Our Ghambian kora player can support Balla with extra African music.

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