Mini Theater Show

Mini Theater Show // Balla and the Forest of Legends

Ubuntopia theater

Balla de Griot, storyteller and main character of The Chronicles of Ubuntopia, has been sent on a mission by the Sages of the World to fight the fog. The fog does not like stories and devours it with skin and hair. But when there are no more stories to pass on, there will be no wisdom anymore. And then it gets very dark in the world. Balla cannot face this challenge alone…

In this performance, Balla takes the visitor on a journey to his magical Africa. He tells a real legend from the Chronicles of Ubuntopia bookseries.

Details of the show
Age: 6+, kids and familiy
Duration: 30 minutes per show

Booking options
– Mini theater shows
– Interaction with guests
– Meet & Greet + Photo moment with Balla

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