Our History

The history of Ubuntopia

Our parent company GreenDreamCompany has more than fifteen years experience in the leisure and tourism industry focusing on emerging (African) markets. During these years, we have seen, learned and practiced destination marketing, area development, hospitality and nature revitalization.

A philosophy that is close to our hearts and our leadership is the African Ubuntu philosophy: ‘I exist because of We’. To create and support a group, Ubuntu prescribes that we each play an important role in the achievement of a common goal. It uses storytelling to edutain and connect people of all ages and races. This is also the power of sharing stories. Ubuntu has become the essence of our existence.

In these fast-changing times, these (mostly) orally preserved cultural legends and stories, which hold years of wisdom, are disappearing rather fast. It is like a giant library with books about how to form a good society getting lost forever.

At GreenDreamCompany, we have always been passionate and dedicated to protecting cultural heritage. We are travelers, wanderers and adventurers. We love to make new friends, share experiences and form new stories together. It would be wonderful if we all could travel around the world more often; it connects people.

‘The world is full of amazing legends and stories which are longing to be told. That is where Ubuntopia comes in. Ubuntopia is a meaningful brand, preserving (African) cultural stories and heritage in a modern way.
From one culture, to the world…’