The Chronicals of Ubuntopia

There are stories longing to be told…

In the artistic children’s book collection The Chronicles of Ubuntopia Balla takes you on an adventure, far away from here, to other cultures that you might know… He will take you to his magical Africa. The continent that is rich in many cultural stories that we can still learn from today.

The book collection is a combination of a overarching story with Ubuntopia characters, two African legends drawn into comics, a WikiTopia with background information about legends and fun facts about Africa.  

Our book collection is written for all children who love beautiful stories, and especially for children who have a special connection to Africa. Maybe because they have vacationed there or they are curious about places that they have yet to discover. Alternatively, perhaps they want to know more about their culture or the culture of their (grand)parents or friends. To which group do you belong?

If we do not share the stories, they get lost in the so-called ‘fog’ and their power dies.
Then the world really gets dark…

Book 1 // Balla and the Forest of Legends
Book 2 // Balla and the Secret of the Source