Ubuntopia: a new concept to engage with families in a modern and magical way

We are a brand striving to have a meaningful impact with a sense of pride for your cultural identity

Ubuntopia is offering combined business expertise from over 40 European leisure, tourism and marketing professionals from the leisure and entertainment industry.

We coordinate business services, guaranteeing you guidance through all the stages of bringing your products or services successful to market.

Value driven

Our goal is to make your business a success!
Based our 4 value driven model we have a wider approach than just financial values.

Modern and Mythical Family Entertaiment

Based on the rich cultural heritage of ancient stories, we offer exciting modern family entertainment experienced through media, games, merchandise, live shows and theme parks. Ubuntopia connects people of all ages. Our mythical adventures create lifelong memories that ultimately promote cultural pride by telling stories and designing experiences.

There are stories longing to be told…

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