YungoGender: X
Eye colour: Brown
Length: Infinite
Age: Young
Is it already 10 o’clock? Then it’s kiwi time! Yum! When I don’t get my kiwis I’m often out of sorts and will show you this. Balla is a big friend of mine. He teaches me a lot about the legends and facts about the countries. I have an infinite amount of energy and like to fly around you but when I’m not happy I will pull little pranks. When I’m sad, I turn blue. When I am very angry I turn red. But I prefer to be green, the way I’m supposed to be.


Residence: In the Forest of Legends on a branch among other birds
Specialty: Discolours based on emotions
Favorite food: Kiwifruit
Fun fact: Likes to sit on the shoulder or talkingstick of Balla