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Workshop: How to become an Ubuntopia cartoonist

An African queen, a unicorn, white star lions! They are all adventurous and magical characters from the cultural stories and legends of Ubuntopia! Do you want to hear their story and learn to draw yourself? It’s possible!

Jean-Claude Ngumire, illustrator of Ubuntopia and Leontine van Hooft, author of Ubuntopia, together provide a workshop in which you learn to make your own (comic)story based on a cultural story or legend from bookserie The Chronicles of Ubuntopia.

After listening to and watching how to draw the story, you will get to work with different drawing techniques. Who knows, you might even draw a real legend yourself!

The workshop:
– Getting to know eachother, for this we use the talking stick.
– Leontine tells the cultural legend, Jean Claude draws the legend at the same time.
– You will, under supervision, get started with drawing a Ubuntopia character with different drawing techniques.
Small break
– Jean-Claude shows what it takes to make a good comic strip.
– You get to work and create your own Ubuntu comic page based on the tips and tricks you just learned.
– Closing: evaluation with the talking stick and we take a nice group photo!

Duration: about 1.5 hours.

Cultural edutainment
Ubuntopia introduces you to other worlds, rituals and customs through beautiful cultural stories and legends. Marvel and expand your worldview!

For whom?
The story ties in with the contemporary world of children and adults.
The workshop is intended for schools, festivals and events.

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